openvpn crl stuff

Get your crl.pem expir date: Renew your crl.pem: It seems there is no –days argument, crl.pem’s are valid for 180 days You can change that value by tuning the easyrsa script: search for CRL_DAYS caches | solution id really great stuff. But it caches its output. If you need really fresh data, go to This is the place gets their data from. Create yourself an account and get api key. Its not for free, but the lowest plan is for about $1 per month (in 2023) so its imho […]

ZAMMAD | notification mail problem

Some users do not get notification mails? If a ticket status is changed the systems starts to email to a list of recipients. After each single successful delivery one info line is written to the tickets history. If one delivery fails (wrong address i.e.), the whole process is stopped (crashed? bug?)) and all these following […]