ZAMMAD | notification mail problem

Some users do not get notification mails? If a ticket status is changed the systems starts to email to a list of recipients. After each single successful delivery one info line is written to the tickets history. If one delivery fails (wrong address i.e.), the whole process is stopped (crashed? bug?)) and all these following […]


Install Create a cert with openssl. Create an executable script. Create the one who rules all: hooks.json >>> [ { “id”: “webhook_bbr_approved”, “execute-command”: “/usr/local/homegrown/webhooks/”, “command-working-directory”: “/usr/local/homegrown/webhooks/output”, “pass-arguments-to-command”: [ { “source”: “string”, “name”: “bbr” }, { “source”: “string”, “name”: “approved” }, { “source”: “payload”, “name”: “ticket.customer.firstname” }, { “source”: “payload”, “name”: “ticket.customer.lastname” }, { “source”: […]

Zammad | add priorities with translation and colors

Open the rails console: # zammad run rails c Add a priority with an english name: > Ticket::Priority.create(name: ‘4 critical’, default_create: false, note: nil, active: true, updated_by_id: 1, created_by_id: 1, created_at:, updated_at: Create a translation into your language: > Translation.create_if_not_exists( :locale => ‘de-de’, :source => “4 critical”, :target => “4 kritisch”, format: ‘string’, […]