Icecast | signal HUP | Parse error in reading

You have had the correct file rights and this message already occurs in error.log? The icecast.xml is accepted without problems during regular start? Your icecast runs stable? Solution: Maybe you have chrooted and the icecast process now can not access to the icecast.xml you have had provided via command line.

bash | xml | parsing

GENTOO: emerge libxml2 test -r $XMLFILE if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then     A_XML=($(xmllint –xpath “//aaaa/bbbb/@cccc” $XMLFILE ))     for CXML in “${A_XML[@]}”; do     xmllint –xpath “//aaaa/bbbb[@$CXML]” $XMLFILE | grep ‘test for something’ > /dev/null     if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then         xmllint –xpath “//aaaa/bbbb[@$CXML]/dddd” $XMLFILE | sed ‘s|]*.||g’    […]