Radius testing

Avoid all these linux console tools named like ‘radiusclient’. Install freeradius Test your stuff with # radtest USERNAME USERPASS HOST 0 THESECRET Testing with SQUID: # /usr/libexec/squid/basic_radius_auth -h HOST -w SECRET Then type USERNAME USERPASS at the prompt. Will return OK or ERR…

shell | script self run check

LINUX: MYARGS=”$(ps -wwo args= $$)”; ps wwaux | grep -v grep | grep “$MYARGS” | grep -vwe “$$” -vwe “$PPID” && exit LINUX && OPENBSD: MYARGS=”$(ps -wwo args= -p $$)”; MYSESS=”$(ps -wwo sess= -p $$)”; ps -wwo sess,args= | grep -v grep | grep “$MYARGS” | grep -vw $MYSESS > /dev/null 2>&1 && exit