shell | script self run check

LINUX: MYARGS=”$(ps -wwo args= $$)”; ps wwaux | grep -v grep | grep “$MYARGS” | grep -vwe “$$” -vwe “$PPID” && exit LINUX && OPENBSD: MYARGS=”$(ps -wwo args= -p $$)”; MYSESS=”$(ps -wwo sess= -p $$)”; ps -wwo sess,args= | grep -v grep | grep “$MYARGS” | grep -vw $MYSESS > /dev/null 2>&1 && exit


O.K…. Lets start. ;) Variables passed as arguments to the container using -e will be part of containers environment. ENTRYPOINT script will be executed using this environment. Any CMD will be passed as an argument to the running ENTRYPOINT script. If there is no ENTRYPOINT defined, CMD will be executed instead. In other words: ENTRYPOINT […]