Hide Shutdown + Reboot buttons in Windows 10 via GPO

These policy settings are available in Administrative Templates\Start Menu and Taskbar under User Configuration. Remove and prevent access to the Shut Down, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate commands or in German: Befehle “Herunterfahren”, “Neu starten”, “Energie sparen” und “Ruhezustand” entfernen und Zugriff darauf verweigern

liquidsoap | external mplayer crashed

You are unsing the input.mplayer function and it crashes sometimes without being restarted although you have chosen restart_on_error=true? Tune it with a wrapper! def input.mplayer_s16le_eternal(~id=”input.mplayer_s16le”, ~restart=true,~restart_on_error=true, ~buffer=2.,~max=3.,s) = input.external(id=id,restart=restart, restart_on_error=restart_on_error, buffer=buffer,max=max, “xwrapper mplayer -really-quiet \ -format s16le \ -ao pcm:file=/dev/stdout \ -vc null -vo null #{quote(s)} \ 2>/dev/null”) end The xwrapper: #!/bin/bash while true; do […]