Deploying windows printserver printers to windows machines | installing drivers via powershell

Standard stuff: On Server install your printer and printer driver. Then run printmanagament.msc and do Deploy with Group Policy. Have an eye on the drivers section. Know the exact name of your driver, thats important for deploying drivers to local machines. Your brandnew Group Policy should consist of (i) computer >> policies >> windows settings […]

poor quality after jitsi update

check the js console in chromes developer tools for something like this: BridgeChannel.js:88 WebSocket connection to ‘wss://’ failed It seems your update process switches you poorly (incompletely) from multiplexing to bridge websockets. Check this: Additional hints: In /etc/turnserver.conf you can remove listening-port= Check the external-ip btw. In /etc/prosody/conf.avail/ you can remove the stun and […]


Select the Application Pool Name and then click ‘Advanced Settings’.Do some changes: Private Memory Limit (KB): 1843200 to 4194304 Queue Length: 1000 to 25000 Limit Interval (minutes): 5 to 15 ‘Service Unavailable’ Response: HttpLevel to TcpLevel Then stop the IIS (IIS-Manager or ‘net stop w3srv’), edit the web.config ( C:\Program Files\Update Services\WebServices\ClientWebService\web.config ) for WSUS:Replace […]

Windows 10 | WSUS update problems

Your machines can’t connect to your WSUS? Maybe you upgraded your Windows version (ie 1909 > 2004) and your old GPOs don’t fit the new version. Solution: remove your old Update GPOs, add the new admx files from an freshly upgraded windows machine to your DCs PoliciyDefinitions and reconstruct your GPOs.