OTRS 3.2 | A lot of tweaks

Adding columns to dashboard AgentDashboardTicketGeneric.dtl Adding/tuning priority colors Core.Default.css Increasing the number of possible dashboard rows per block. DashboardTicketGeneric.pm Using dynamic fields on dashboard. DashboardTicketGeneric.pm Adding Dashboard blocks/modules Ticket.xml

OTRS 3.2 | DashboardBackend | Possible attributes for filtering

You will find it in DashboardTicketGeneric.pm StateType|StateTypeIDs|Queues|QueueIDs|Types|TypeIDs|States|StateIDs|Priorities|PriorityIDs|Services|ServiceIDs|SLAs|SLAIDs|Locks|LockIDs|OwnerIDs|ResponsibleIDs|WatchUserIDs|ArchiveFlags Konfigurationseinstellungen bearbeiten in Ticket -> Frontend::Agent::Dashboard Multiple attributes are possible: States=new;States=open;Types=withDeadline;SortBy=DynamicField_Deadline;OrderBy=Up; Filtering for ticket type is possible: States=new;States=open;Types=withDeadline;SortBy=DynamicField_Deadline;OrderBy=Up; Sorting by dynamic fields: You have to add the prefix DynamicField_ to the name of the dynamic field. States=new;States=open;Types=withDeadline;SortBy=DynamicField_Deadline;OrderBy=Up;

OTRS | Configuration hints

Check the passwd file, the home of the usre otrs must be /var/lib/otrs (or better: the current directoty hosting otrs stuff). Remove the .dist extensions from crontab templates. Run Cron.sh Grab incoming mails via fetchmail. Run fetchmail as a daemon. /etc/fetchmailrc shouls contain poll imap.mailserver.de protocol IMAP user otrsmailuser password otrsmailuserpassword ssl is otrs Using […]

gentoo – otrs – emerge error – ‘chown $S not allowed’

SetPermissions.pl –otrs-user=otrs –web-user=apache –otrs-group=apache –web-group=apache “${S}” dies with “Could not set permissions” Caused by running emerge as user portage. This user has sometimes insufficient file rights. This is the default behaviour since 2013SEP, when the portage FEATURE userpriv was enabled per default. See man make.conf. Disable this FEATURE using the awesome /etc/portage/package.env file. Edit this […]