OpenBSD // rDNS // nsd // classless reverse PTR

NET: the nsd.conf: zone: name: “” zonefile: master/3.2.1.reverse zone: name: “16/” zonefile: master/16_28.3.2.1.reverse the 3.2.1.reverse: $ORIGIN ; default zone domain $TTL 86400 ; default time to live @ IN SOA ( 2016010203 ; serial number 28800 ; Refresh 7200 ; Retry 864000 ; Expire 86400 ; Min TTL ) 16/28 NS […]

OpenBSD | ifstated | carp

init-state offline carp_master = “ &&” carp_slave = “ &&” carp_down = “ &&” You have any problems at system startup even you have been used the example conf? Your state jitters and doesn’t switch to master? Use this example. Hint: The daemon loops inside a formerly reached state (function) until the […]

OpenBSD | newsyslog | postrotate command

Your daemon doesn’t write to his logfile after rotating log using newsyslog? You are executing a postrotate command in newsyslog.conf? The reason for this strange behaviour is that in case of executing a postrate command per definition (rtfm newsyslog.conf) no SIGHUP will be sent to syslogd. Solution: execute a pkill -HUP syslogd afterwards: #/var/log/maillog 640 […]

ISAKMPD | stopping, flushing, reloading

Stopping: If isamkmpd is running in the foreground, ctrl+c does not flush existing connections (SAD’s). Do a little ipsecctl -F kill -9 kills only the daemon, the connections stay alive. Use kill -TERM instead. Or use the isakmpd FIFO user interface: echo ‘Q’ > /var/run/isakmpd.fifo Reloading: kill -HUP or echo ‘R’ > /var/run/isakmpd.fifo