Install Etherpad on debian

¬† # apt-get install -yy abiword sudo git mariadb-server # curl -sL | sudo -E bash – # apt-get install -yy nodejs # cd /opt # git clone –branch master # cd etherpad-lite # export NODE_ENV=production; bin/ –root vim settings.json “title”: “RadioPad”, “userName”: true, “userColor”: true, “alwaysShowChat”: true, “chatAndUsers”: true, “lang”: “de” “suppressErrorsInPadText” […]

Microsoft | WSUS – Clearing the syncronization history

Loading the syncro history in wsus mmc is very slow and can lead to a timeout [request for server node reset]. In this case delete old history entries: * Start the SQL server management studio * —> Databases —> SUSDB —> right click —> New query USE SUSDB GO DELETE FROM tbEventInstance WHERE EventNamespaceID = […]

Microsoft | WSUS – You should know

Running WSUS using the microsoft sql server express edition [ssee] is pain in the ass. It’s simply too slow. The mmc will run into timeout. Use the more powerful microsoft sql server instead. The first syncronization eats a lot of time. Unfortunately this syncro generates such a huge pile of database data. This results in […]