Icecast | signal HUP | Parse error in reading

You have had the correct file rights and this message already occurs in error.log? The icecast.xml is accepted without problems during regular start? Your icecast runs stable? Solution: Maybe you have chrooted and the icecast process now can not access to the icecast.xml you have had provided via command line.

TCPKILL | Scripting mode – batch mode

TKILL_ID_SEM=”/tmp/tcpkill.$(date +%s).$RANDOM” test -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && rm -f $TKILL_ID_SEM tcpkill -9 host $DEAD_HOST > $TKILL_ID_SEM 2>/dev/null & KILL_PID=$! CNT=0; CNTLIMIT=60 while [ $CNT -lt $CNTLIMIT ]; do # echo $TKILL_ID_SEM sleep 1 test -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && rm -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && kill -9 $KILL_PID && exit CNT = $[ $CNT + 1 ] # echo $CNT […]

ISAKMPD | stopping, flushing, reloading

Stopping: If isamkmpd is running in the foreground, ctrl+c does not flush existing connections (SAD’s). Do a little ipsecctl -F kill -9 kills only the daemon, the connections stay alive. Use kill -TERM instead. Or use the isakmpd FIFO user interface: echo ‘Q’ > /var/run/isakmpd.fifo Reloading: kill -HUP or echo ‘R’ > /var/run/isakmpd.fifo