Elasticsearch | Kibana | Discover | quick sort on some fields/columns greyed out

You can’t use the quick sort feature on your fields/colums cs it’s disabled/greyed out? Most likely you did add your documents to your index without doing explicit mapping on index creation. Of course it’s possible to drop your data into the index without defining an explicit mappin, but the quick sort option will be disabled […]

Elasticsearch + Kibana 8.1.0 on Debian 11

Credits, kudos and thanx to the guys making https://kifarunix.com/install-elk-stack-8-x-on-ubuntu/ Elasticsearch is the database and Kibana the WebUI to access the database. Elasticsearch provides a RESTapi, accessable via curl and/or via a so called console, that is a part of kibana. Yallah: After this you should the following to your .profile file: PATH=”/usr/share/elasticsearch/bin:/usr/share/kibana/bin:$PATH” The installation of […]

SELKS 5.0RC1 | first steps

HINTS: https://github.com/StamusNetworks/SELKS/wiki/SELKS-5.0-RC1/_edit#kibana-dashboards Login as selks-user with password selks-user. $ sudo su – # passwd selks-user # passwd root If you are using version 5.0 RC1 open /etc/scirius/local_settings.py and change KIBANA_DASHBOARDS_PATH = “/opt/selks/kibana6-dashboards/” to KIBANA6_DASHBOARDS_PATH = “/opt/selks/kibana6-dashboards/”. then run (as root) cd /usr/share/python/scirius/ && . bin/activate && python bin/manage.py kibana_reset && deactivate You will not find […]