azure tts batch with curl

You have to upload your data using curls -d argument. Avoid to construct ad data structure object as a string variable, it’s pita. You will definitely cry abt character encoding. Instead build a well prepared file and use the -d @$FILE parameter. Transfer your data between your scripts base64 encoded. Remove these characters: ” < […]

chatgpt | openai | api | curl | json

Use jq and especially jo for string and parameter creation. Handle special-character-problems ( ‘ % $ and million others ) by url encoding your strings directly at the source. chatgpt api natively speaks urlencode. I’ve tried base64, but the chatbot mentions in his answer that he/she was fed with base64 encoded stuff. To encode use […]

BASH vs. JSON :)

curl -s “;| jq -j –tab ‘.[] | select( ( .timeseries[0].currentMeasurement.stateMnwMhw==”low” or .timeseries[0].currentMeasurement.stateMnwMhw==”high” ) and .timeseries[0].shortname==”W” ) | [ .number, .water.longname, .longname, .latitude, .longitude, .timeseries[0].currentMeasurement.stateMnwMhw, .timeseries[0].currentMeasurement.trend, .timeseries[0].currentMeasurement.value ] | “\(.[0])|\(.[1])|\(.[2])|\(.[3])|\(.[4])|\(.[5])|\(.[6])|\(.[7])\n”‘)