telegram | channel linux console scripting setup

install telegram-send on mobile phone: create a public channel + get the url create a bot by talking to botfather + get the apikey (the leading number is part of the key) make your bot a channel admin run # telegram-send –config ~/.config/telegram-send-MYCHANNEL.cfg –configure-channel printf “huhu \U0001F4A8\n\U0001F4A7” | telegram-send –disable-web-page-preview –config ~/.config/telegram-send.conf –format […]

liquidsoap | input.http problems

liquidsoap version 1.1.1 Under stressing circumstances (esp. hard network interrupts) input.http crashes. You can check this using the telnet interface: If http_1234.buffer_length returns 0.00 but http_1234.status returns connected. All telnet commands such as http_1234.start|stop|skip return done but liquidsoap does not react. The only way to get a proper state is to kill ans restart liquidsoap […]