Samba | File Names | Umlaut Characters with strange encodings

Problem: You have a lot of files with strange encoded names like: Your filesystem, transfered from older samba servers, contains files with windows-1252 encoded characters ibn their names, who won’t be displayed by samba. Solution: Use the magic convmv tool: # convmv –notest -r -f windows-1252 -t utf-8 /path/to/your/data Thank you, Bjoern JACKE!

Linux | Too many open files

With systemd: /etc/systemd/system.conf DefaultLimitNOFILE=128000 You are a lucky admin who is NOT running systemd: /etc/security/limits.conf * soft nofile 128000 * hard nofile 128000 * hard nproc 128000 * soft nproc 128000 root soft nofile 128000 root hard nofile 128000 Check with # ulimit -n

WSUS | update file storage cleanup

You are facing the following phenomenon: Your WSUS shows you that your clients need updates and that there is proper contact between clients and WSUS but clients say that they don’t need any updates. Check your \WSUS\WSUSContent volume. Maybe older update files left no space on device. How to cleanup? Follow the rules: ;) *Close […]