Windows | strange DNS resolve problem

Situation: Your machine lives in a corporate environment and uses your corporates own DNS resolver who’s located in your own LAN/IPsubnet. You didn’t define a default gateway in your IPv4 settings for security reasons. Resolving names via nslookup works fine, but windows himself (i.e ping) and third party software (like datev) run into resolve problems […]

UBUNTU |OpenVPN DNS Problems

DNS ist not pushed to ubuntu clients # apt-get  install openvpn-systemd-resolved Then modify your clients openvpn config file. Add script-security 2 up /etc/openvpn/update-systemd-resolved down /etc/openvpn/update-systemd-resolved down-pre before your certs block and add dhcp-option DOMAIN-ROUTE . dhcp-option DOMAIN  yourinternaldomain ad the end.

OpenBSD // rDNS // nsd // classless reverse PTR

NET: the nsd.conf: zone: name: “” zonefile: master/3.2.1.reverse zone: name: “16/” zonefile: master/16_28.3.2.1.reverse the 3.2.1.reverse: $ORIGIN ; default zone domain $TTL 86400 ; default time to live @ IN SOA ( 2016010203 ; serial number 28800 ; Refresh 7200 ; Retry 864000 ; Expire 86400 ; Min TTL ) 16/28 NS […]