Windows 10 | WSUS update problems

Your machines can’t connect to your WSUS? Maybe you upgraded your Windows version (ie 1909 > 2004) and your old GPOs don’t fit the new version. Solution: remove your old Update GPOs, add the new admx files from an freshly upgraded windows machine to your DCs PoliciyDefinitions and reconstruct your GPOs.

Windows 10 Enterprise + Education | Samba connection Problem Number 80070035 :)

    You can’t connect to a samba server configured with map to guest = Bad User Don’t try this at home: Re-Enable the guest account fallback Your risky solution: Tune your GPO. Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\LanMan Workstation\Enable Insecure Guest Logons     ATTENTION: I’ve had faced situation when this didn’t do the trick. I hat […]

shell | scripting ping

Theres a little problem using ping as a connection checker inside of scripts. In example: If you send a bulk of three pings and one of them fail, the ping coommand returns 1. Here is a workaround: function ping_wrapper() { C_IP=”$1″ C_CNT=”$2″ C_TIMEOUT=”$3″ CNT=0 while true; do ping -q -c 1 -w $C_TIMEOUT $C_IP > […]