Install Create a cert with openssl. Create an executable script. Create the one who rules all: hooks.json >>> [ { “id”: “webhook_bbr_approved”, “execute-command”: “/usr/local/homegrown/webhooks/”, “command-working-directory”: “/usr/local/homegrown/webhooks/output”, “pass-arguments-to-command”: [ { “source”: “string”, “name”: “bbr” }, { “source”: “string”, “name”: “approved” }, { “source”: “payload”, “name”: “ticket.customer.firstname” }, { “source”: “payload”, “name”: “ticket.customer.lastname” }, { “source”: […]

fetchmail | IMAP + SSL + selfsigned cert

poll imap.mydomain.tld with protocol IMAP user “myuser” password “mypassword” is “mylocalunixuser” here ssl sslfingerprint “5A:16:55:1D:61:1A:B3:B0:84:6C:04:8E:E6:15:A5:82” sslcertck sslcertpath /usr/local/homegrown/maildock/.certs For the sslfingerprint type and get the fingerprint. For the cert type openssl s_client -connect imap.mydomain.tld:993 get the cert and put it into a imapcert.pem file. Put that file into a .certs folder. Then rehash it with […]