OTRS 3.2 | A lot of tweaks

Adding columns to dashboard AgentDashboardTicketGeneric.dtl Adding/tuning priority colors Core.Default.css Increasing the number of possible dashboard rows per block. DashboardTicketGeneric.pm Using dynamic fields on dashboard. DashboardTicketGeneric.pm Adding Dashboard blocks/modules Ticket.xml

OTRS 3.2 | DashboardBackend | Possible attributes for filtering

You will find it in DashboardTicketGeneric.pm StateType|StateTypeIDs|Queues|QueueIDs|Types|TypeIDs|States|StateIDs|Priorities|PriorityIDs|Services|ServiceIDs|SLAs|SLAIDs|Locks|LockIDs|OwnerIDs|ResponsibleIDs|WatchUserIDs|ArchiveFlags Konfigurationseinstellungen bearbeiten in Ticket -> Frontend::Agent::Dashboard Multiple attributes are possible: States=new;States=open;Types=withDeadline;SortBy=DynamicField_Deadline;OrderBy=Up; Filtering for ticket type is possible: States=new;States=open;Types=withDeadline;SortBy=DynamicField_Deadline;OrderBy=Up; Sorting by dynamic fields: You have to add the prefix DynamicField_ to the name of the dynamic field. States=new;States=open;Types=withDeadline;SortBy=DynamicField_Deadline;OrderBy=Up;

OTRS | Configuration hints

Check the passwd file, the home of the usre otrs must be /var/lib/otrs (or better: the current directoty hosting otrs stuff). Remove the .dist extensions from crontab templates. Run Cron.sh Grab incoming mails via fetchmail. Run fetchmail as a daemon. /etc/fetchmailrc shouls contain poll imap.mailserver.de protocol IMAP user otrsmailuser password otrsmailuserpassword ssl is otrs Using […]