OPSI | ProductDependency

I.e. uninstall a 32 bit version before installing the 64 bit stuff to avoid parallel 32/64 bit instances on the same machine. [ProductDependency]action: setuprequiredProduct: userland-irfanview-438requiredAction: uninstallrequiredStatus: not_installedrequirementType: before

OPSI | deploying registry settings

If you wanna apply regular exported *.reg files use this mechanism: [Winbatch_add_reg_32] “%SystemRoot%\system32\reg.exe” import “%ScriptPath%\32bit_wsus_win7.reg” [Winbatch_add_reg_64] “%SystemRoot%\system32\reg.exe” import “%ScriptPath%\64bit_wsus_win7.reg” Winbatch_* sections/functions allow to execute dos/windows commands.

OPSI | software inventory | list clients having software versions installed

#!/bin/bash red=’33[0;31m’ purple=’33[0;35m’ NC=’33[0m’ # No Color echo “select name,version from SOFTWARE_CONFIG where name like ‘%$1%’group by name,version order by name,version;” | mysql -B -N -u${USER} -p${PASS} -D opsi | ( while read LINE; do OIFS=$IFS;IFS=$’\t’ ARRAY=($LINE) NAME=”${ARRAY[0]}” VERSION=”${ARRAY[1]}” echo -ne “${red}$NAME${NC} | ${purple}$VERSION${NC} | ” echo “select clientId from SOFTWARE_CONFIG where name = ‘$NAME’ […]