OpenBSD + NGINX [fastcgi] + PHP

php-fpm is not an independent package. Install php, php-fpm is included. php-fpm is properly pre-configured and should run instantly. nginx.conf: location ~ \.php$ { try_files $uri $uri/ =404; fastcgi_pass unix:run/php-fpm.sock; # NO ABSOLUTE PATH PLS. !!! fastcgi_index index.php; fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $document_root$fastcgi_script_name; include fastcgi_params; }

Icecast | signal HUP | Parse error in reading

You have had the correct file rights and this message already occurs in error.log? The icecast.xml is accepted without problems during regular start? Your icecast runs stable? Solution: Maybe you have chrooted and the icecast process now can not access to the icecast.xml you have had provided via command line.

OpenBSD // rDNS // nsd // classless reverse PTR

NET: the nsd.conf: zone: name: “” zonefile: master/3.2.1.reverse zone: name: “16/” zonefile: master/16_28.3.2.1.reverse the 3.2.1.reverse: $ORIGIN ; default zone domain $TTL 86400 ; default time to live @ IN SOA ( 2016010203 ; serial number 28800 ; Refresh 7200 ; Retry 864000 ; Expire 86400 ; Min TTL ) 16/28 NS […]

OpenBSD | ifstated | carp

init-state offline carp_master = “ &&” carp_slave = “ &&” carp_down = “ &&” You have any problems at system startup even you have been used the example conf? Your state jitters and doesn’t switch to master? Use this example. Hint: The daemon loops inside a formerly reached state (function) until the […]

OpenBSD | newsyslog | postrotate command

Your daemon doesn’t write to his logfile after rotating log using newsyslog? You are executing a postrotate command in newsyslog.conf? The reason for this strange behaviour is that in case of executing a postrate command per definition (rtfm newsyslog.conf) no SIGHUP will be sent to syslogd. Solution: execute a pkill -HUP syslogd afterwards: #/var/log/maillog 640 […]