Elasticsearch | Kibana | Discover | quick sort on some fields/columns greyed out

You can’t use the quick sort feature on your fields/colums cs it’s disabled/greyed out? Most likely you did add your documents to your index without doing explicit mapping on index creation. Of course it’s possible to drop your data into the index without defining an explicit mappin, but the quick sort option will be disabled […]

Elasticsearch + Debian 11 | tweak the server

Set ulimit -n: Edit /etc/profile and add ulimit -n 65535 Disable swapping by removing all swap lines from your fstab. As an alternative add the following line to your elasticsearch.yml: bootstrap.memory_lock: true Then test it using the famous Kibana (DevTools) Console: GET _nodes?filter_path=**.mlockall It should return true. Do not tune the java dns timeouts.