ZAMMAD | delete customers without related tickets

deletecandidates = User.where(protected: false).where.not(id: 1)
deletecandidates.find_each do |user|
	next if Ticket.where(customer_id: > 0
        puts %{ "#{user.fullname}" #{} #{Ticket.where(customer_id:}}

        Ticket.where(customer: user).find_each do |ticket|
    	    puts "  Deleting ticket ##{ticket.number}..."

        puts "  Removing references for user with email #{}..."
    	ActivityStream.where(created_by_id: 1)
        History.where(created_by_id: 1)
        Ticket::Article.where(created_by_id: 1)
        Ticket::Article.where(updated_by_id: 1)
        Store.where(created_by_id: 1)
        StatsStore.where(created_by_id: 1)
        Tag.where(created_by_id: 1)

        puts "  Deleting #{user.fullname}..."

‘protected’ is a custom user object attribute i did add.

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