Zammad | add priorities with translation and colors

Open the rails console:

# zammad run rails c

Add a priority with an english name:

> Ticket::Priority.create(name: '4 critical', default_create: false, note: nil, active: true, updated_by_id: 1, created_by_id: 1, created_at:, updated_at:

Create a translation into your language:

> Translation.create_if_not_exists( :locale => 'de-de', :source => "4 critical", :target => "4 kritisch", format: 'string', created_by_id: 1, updated_by_id: 1 )

Change priority’s icon and color:

>p = Ticket::Priority.find_by(name: "4 critical")
>p.ui_icon = "important"
>p.ui_color = "critical-priority"

Create a custom.css in /opt/zammad/app/assets/stylesheets/custom:

$critical-priority-color: hsl(360,71%,60%);

.u-critical-priority-color {
  fill: $critical-priority-color;

.item {
  &--critical-priority {
    a {
      color: $critical-priority-color;


# chown zammad:zammad custom.css
# zammad run rake assets:precompile
# systemctl restart zammad-web

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