Microsoft Windows Terminal Server | Hints


Create VM snapshots before you start!
Start with the future gateway machine. Then add RDSH’s from this gateway, install the feature remotely on the RSDH’s. The remote machine will restart and sometimes it will not resume. Start the install process remotely from the gateway again.

Server Manager

What you see is the environment for YOUR LOGIN. If you create a farm as admin user A that does not mean than admin user B gets shown the same stuff on his server manager display (!!!). He must add these servers to his pools.

Adding a new RDSH


Server Manager: Add your new RDSH farm member to your server pool, use DNS and FQDN.

FQDN means FQDN!

In case your new RDSH’s FQDN can’t be found, check

1.1 Ping FQDN

1.2 Check RDSH’s name settings (system control/system)

1.3 Force RDSH’s DNS registration: ipconfig /registerdns


Server Manager: Add your new RDSH to your farm.

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