Signal Messenger | signal-cli

Register a number and receive a code in return:

signal-cli -u +49XXXYYY555 register --voice

Verify your number:

signal-cli -u +49XXXYYY555 verify RECEIVED_CODE

Send your first message to another number:

signal-cli -u +49XXXYYY555 send -m "First Message" +49XXXYYY666

Create a group, add a number and get groups ID in return:

signal-cli -u +493317440555 updateGroup -n "Nagios Test Group" -m +49XXXYYY666

Now this group consists of two members: You (XXXYYY555) and another guy (XXXYYY666).
Send a group message:

signal-cli -u +493317440555 send -g GROUP_ID -m "First Group Message"

Add another number to that group:

signal-cli -u +49XXXYYY555 updateGroup --group GROUP_ID -m "+49XXXYYY777"

You can’t add any group members using your phones application. If you do so, messages sent from signal-cli will not appear on added members phone. You MUST add any additional members via signal-cli.

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