kvm | qemu | qcow2 dynamic/sparse disk allocation problem | shrink sparse qcow2 disks howto

In some recent qemu versions there is a problem while creating sparse disks using the virt-manager. Normally the qcow2 format always allocates space dynamically (sparse), but some qemu versions fail at this, they create disks with full expected size. Solution: The easy way: Backup your old qcow2 image. Then do apt-get install libguestfs-tools virt-sparsify kvm_backup/debian_mssql.qcow2 […]

CAS genesisWorld | mobile apps | ssl certificates

Create a cert: https://bytesandbones.wordpress.com/2019/11/01/windows-server-2019-self-signed-certificates-for-iis/ You can’t select a cert via the CAS Server Manager. The IIS handles the encryption mess for you. Install IIS as a role. Run the IIS Manager. Goto Default Web Site. Goto Bindings. Add a new https element, edit the properties and select your just created cert. Do not start this […]