bsh // create syllabeled passwords

 function createPassword () {
    test "x$1" == "x" && return 1
    test "x$2" == "x" && return 1
    YYY=( a e i o u ei au ai eu iu ui oi)
    ZZZ=( b c d f g h j k l m n p q r s t v w x y z)
    for II in `seq 1 $CNTSYLL`; do
        RANDY=$[$RANDOM % ${#YYY[@]}];
        RANDZ=$[$RANDOM % ${#ZZZ[@]}];
    for II in `seq 1 $CNTNUM`; do
        PASS="${PASS}$(shuf -i 0-9 -n 1)"
    echo "$PASS" | grep '[[:alnum:]]'
    return $?
 createPassword 5 2

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