Amazon Alexa Skill Development | Hints for rookies (like me)

First of all: HUGE THANKS TO for AND for I did all the way these great dudes had recommended but i run in some problems i will describe now: 1. Creating an AWS Lambda function i could not select “Alexa Skills Kit” as the “Trigger” cs it does not appear in […]


1. Install and configure Icecast listenning on port 8000 without ssl. ;) 2. Install nginx 3. Create directory .well-known in webroot ( here: /var/www/html ) 4. Install certbot 5. Configure nginx: /etc/nginx/nginx.conf: #user www; worker_processes 4; #pid /run/; events { worker_connections 768; # multi_accept on; } http { ## # Basic Settings ## sendfile […]

Audio normalization with ffmpeg using loudnorm (ebur128) filter

Source: Source: (Credits: | Source discovered by Mulvya)   ./ffmpeg -i /path/to/input.wav -af loudnorm=I=-16:TP=-1.5:LRA=11:print_format=summary -f null – This instructs FFmpeg to measure the audio values of your media file without creating an output file. You will get a series of values presented as follows: Input Integrated:    -27.2 LUFS Input True Peak: […]