OpenBSD | ifstated | carp

init-state offline carp_master = “ &&” carp_slave = “ &&” carp_down = “ &&” You have any problems at system startup even you have been used the example conf? Your state jitters and doesn’t switch to master? Use this example. Hint: The daemon loops inside a formerly reached state (function) until the […]

OpenBSD | newsyslog | postrotate command

Your daemon doesn’t write to his logfile after rotating log using newsyslog? You are executing a postrotate command in newsyslog.conf? The reason for this strange behaviour is that in case of executing a postrate command per definition (rtfm newsyslog.conf) no SIGHUP will be sent to syslogd. Solution: execute a pkill -HUP syslogd afterwards: #/var/log/maillog 640 […]