TCPKILL | Scripting mode – batch mode

TKILL_ID_SEM="/tmp/tcpkill.$(date +%s).$RANDOM"
test -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && rm -f $TKILL_ID_SEM 

tcpkill -9 host $DEAD_HOST > $TKILL_ID_SEM 2>/dev/null &



while [ $CNT -lt $CNTLIMIT ]; do

#    echo $TKILL_ID_SEM

    sleep 1

    test -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && rm -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && kill -9 $KILL_PID && exit 

    CNT = $[ $CNT + 1 ]

#    echo $CNT

kill -9 $KILL_PID

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