liquidsoap | external mplayer crashed

You are unsing the input.mplayer function and it crashes sometimes without being restarted although you have chosen restart_on_error=true? Tune it with a wrapper! def input.mplayer_s16le_eternal(~id=”input.mplayer_s16le”, ~restart=true,~restart_on_error=true, ~buffer=2.,~max=3.,s) = input.external(id=id,restart=restart, restart_on_error=restart_on_error, buffer=buffer,max=max, “xwrapper mplayer -really-quiet \ -format s16le \ -ao pcm:file=/dev/stdout \ -vc null -vo null #{quote(s)} \ 2>/dev/null”) end The xwrapper: #!/bin/bash while true; do […]

LIQUIDSOAP | output.alsa stuttering

Use output.alsa in unbuffered mode. To prevent scratching sounds on start (sound devices buffer is not empty on start) do system(“aplay -d 1 -q silence.wav”) at the beginning of your script. It replaces the buffer remnants witch silence.

OPSI | software inventory | list clients having software versions installed

#!/bin/bash red=’33[0;31m’ purple=’33[0;35m’ NC=’33[0m’ # No Color echo “select name,version from SOFTWARE_CONFIG where name like ‘%$1%’group by name,version order by name,version;” | mysql -B -N -u${USER} -p${PASS} -D opsi | ( while read LINE; do OIFS=$IFS;IFS=$’\t’ ARRAY=($LINE) NAME=”${ARRAY[0]}” VERSION=”${ARRAY[1]}” echo -ne “${red}$NAME${NC} | ${purple}$VERSION${NC} | ” echo “select clientId from SOFTWARE_CONFIG where name = ‘$NAME’ […]

liquidsoap | input.http problems

liquidsoap version 1.1.1 Under stressing circumstances (esp. hard network interrupts) input.http crashes. You can check this using the telnet interface: If http_1234.buffer_length returns 0.00 but http_1234.status returns connected. All telnet commands such as http_1234.start|stop|skip return done but liquidsoap does not react. The only way to get a proper state is to kill ans restart liquidsoap […]

TCPKILL | Scripting mode – batch mode

TKILL_ID_SEM=”/tmp/tcpkill.$(date +%s).$RANDOM” test -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && rm -f $TKILL_ID_SEM tcpkill -9 host $DEAD_HOST > $TKILL_ID_SEM 2>/dev/null & KILL_PID=$! CNT=0; CNTLIMIT=60 while [ $CNT -lt $CNTLIMIT ]; do # echo $TKILL_ID_SEM sleep 1 test -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && rm -f $TKILL_ID_SEM && kill -9 $KILL_PID && exit CNT = $[ $CNT + 1 ] # echo $CNT […]